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E League Major

Das erste Major des Jahres geht in die entscheidende Phase. Im Viertelfinale des ELEAGUE Majors heißt es also Verlieren verboten. Die Eleague ist eine professionelle Liga in der E-Sport-Disziplin Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, welche am Mai ihren Einstand feierte. Initiator der Eleague ist das Medienunternehmen Turner, welches die Spiele im Fernsehen und auf. ELEAGUE Major: Boston Coverage presented byTwitter​AbschlussplatzierungChampions StageLegends Stage ÜbersichtLegends Stage R5Legends. <

Eleague Major: Boston 2018

Cloud 9 ist der strahlende Sieger des Eleague Majors in Boston. Den Amerikanern gelang es das europäische Team von FaZe Clan. EGamersWorld☕ - ✋Alles über das Turnier ELEAGUE Major ➦ CS:GO Disziplin ➦ ⚡Preisfonds: $ ➦ Turnierdatum: - westkentwatch.com ELEAGUE Major Boston bis Januar Challengers- und Legenden-Phase in der ELEAGUE Arena, USA / USA Atlanta Champions-Phase in.

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🔴-ENG- HD Final FaZe Clan vs Cloud9 ELEAGUE Major 2018

Complete overview of ELEAGUE Major here. See prize distribution, attending teams, brackets and much more! The one place to buy all ELEAGUE merchandise, apparel, accessories, and team jerseys. ELEAGUE Major: Atlanta проходил с 22 по 29 января, что делает его самым продолжительным мейджором. В восьмерку лучших команд входили Natus Vincere, westkentwatch.com, Astralis, North, FaZe Clan, Fnatic, SK Gaming и Gambit westkentwatch.com всего титулов: westkentwatch.com, OpTic Gaming, PG .

Licenses for other media varies. Click on the "Show" link on the right to see the full list. Past Events. SK Gaming. Natus Vincere. Gambit Esports.

FaZe Clan. Team EnVyUs. Team Liquid. OpTic Gaming. G2 Esports. FlipSid3 Tactics. ESL One: Cologne Offline Qualifier.

Fnatic mouz January 24, - EST Each team from the first seed will play a team from the fourth seed. Each team from the second seed will play a team from the third seed.

These teams will be randomly selected. These matches will determine the first round. In the second round, the teams with a 1—0 record will face each other and the teams with a 0—1 record will face each other.

In the third round, teams with a 2—0 record will face each other. The winners of these matches will move on to the Playoffs.

The teams with a 1—1 record will face each other to determine their places in the next round. The teams with a 0—2 record will face each other and the losers of these matches will be eliminated from the tournament.

In the fourth round, teams with a 2—1 record will face each other. The winners of these matches will advance to the Playoffs. The teams with a 1—2 record will face each other and the losers of these matches will be eliminated from the tournament.

In the last round, the remaining teams 2—2 record will face off. The winners of these matches will advance to the Playoffs and the losers will be eliminated from the tournament.

The eight teams that advance will obtain the "Legend" status and will be automatically invited to the next major. The major kicked off with Gambit Gaming against North.

The game went to Cobblestone as Gambit's new in-game leader Danylo "Zeus" Teslenko made the team a threat on the map and it showed as North's second half faltered.

North's star players had limited impact as Kristian "k0nfig" Wienecke only had 15 and Emil "Magisk" Reif had Fnatic started out strong, but G2's offense in the second half ran over the Fnatic defense to lead the French to an easy victory.

SK Gaming and HellRaisers was the next match and the defending champions dominated, even with a stand-in. The world's number in player Marcelo "coldzera" David had 24 kills and Fernando "fer" Alvarenga was close by with The world's number two, OpTic Gaming, started its major journey against a tough opponent in Virtus.

Although the game was close throughout, it was the Polish team to come out on top. Natus Vincere Na'Vi had major struggles coming into the tournament, but this match against mousesports proved otherwise as the CIS team completely dominated the Germans, especially after a halftime lead.

Team Liquid vs. Team EnVyUs proved to be a thriller. With EnVyUs up and in a 5 vs. The last two EnVyUs players were holding the bomb in place so jdm64 could not get it, but a flashbang followed by a kill onto Kenny "kennyS" Schrub through the edge of another box and then a kill onto a midair Nathan "NBK-" Schmitt finished the 1 vs.

Liquid sent the game into overtime, but EnVyUs was able to finally clean up in triple overtime. Nicolai "dev1ce" Reedtz had 18 to lead Astralis.

After a close first half, FaZe blew open the second half to get the victory. FlipSid3's star player Denis "electronic" Sharipov had 22 kills, but the rest of his team fell behind.

Na'Vi continued to plow over its opponents as it dominated EnVyUs in its round two match. It was Egor "flamie" Vasilyev this time to come up big with 25 kills and Edward, s1mple, and Denis "seized" Kostin each had 18 kills.

Happy had 17 kills for EnVyUs, but that was about it for the French. FaZe looked like it had SK's number and was on the verge of winning when it was up However, SK's leader Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo had a change of plans and some bizarre rounds worked for his team as he defeated Finn "karrigan" Andersen 's staff in overtime.

Philip "aizy" Aistrup struggled compared to the rest of his team. Two Legends went up in the next match. The runners-up of the last major showed more resilience in the last round as the Americans barely took it over the edge.

After North dominated from round five to round fourteen, Fnatic took control the rest of the game as it only allowed three rounds in the second half.

The world's number one and number two came up in the draw. As expected, the match was close, but it was Astralis to take the win. AdreN and mou lead their team once again, but Mikhail "Dosia" Stolyarov also stepped up with 20 kills.

Robin "flusha" Rönnquist, the highest rated player of all time at majors, lead his team with 19 kills, but JW and Markus "pronax" Wallsten only had 12 kills each.

The last match of day 2 was the best team in Poland against the best team in France. In a hotly contested match, VP came out on top. Alexandre "bodyy" Pianaro did well with 27 kills, but the rest of his team did not, including Edouard "SmithZz" Dubourdeaux with just Day 3 started with Fnatic and mousesports.

After mousesports took the lead at the half, the Swedish powerhouse completely stopped mousesports's offense and only allowed two rounds.

NiKo had 22 kills to lead mousesports. North finally got a win on the board, but it had to be an overtime win against HellRaiser.

ANGE1 once again top fragged for this team with 31 kills, but DeadFox only had 14 and Vladyslav "bondik" Nechyporchuk had 21 as HellRaisers was the first team to be eliminated.

VP was the first team to move on to the playoffs with a victory over Gambit. Astralis crushed G2 in what was supposed to be a close game as Astralis built up lead and never looked back.

Na'Vi moved on to the playoffs. After a Liquid run, an FaZe run, and then a back and forth second half, FaZe came out on top in the end in a double overtime game.

OpTic squeaked past FlipSid3 in an elimination game to stay alive and keep its hopes alive at a playoff spot while the team was still at its peak.

FlipSid3 was eliminated. The last day of the group stage started with North against G2. North still managed to stay alive behind k0nfig's 22 kills and the rest of the team countered shox's and Rpk's 22 kills.

G2 was eliminated. Fnatic continued to roll along after the first round loss as the Swedes outclasses the French in the second half. Team Liquid had an easy time against mousesports to stave off elimination.

NiKo had 14 kills and chrisJ had 11, but Spiidi only had 1 kill. Lekr0 had 25 kills and znajder had 20 to take care of OpTic. OpTic was eliminated.

The defending champions went against the current world number one. Although Astralis was favored, SK managed to come back from a slight deficit and win in overtime.

SK moved on to the playoffs even though many people had the team written off since it had a stand-in. In a very close match, Gambit was the final team to move on in round four after both halves went in favor of Gambit.

AdreN continued to roll through competition with 34 kills. This would mark the first time flusha and JW would not appear in a major playoffs, leaving just five players who have appeared in major playoffs: olofmeister, KRiMZ, device, dupreeh, and Xyp9x.

FaZe defeated EnVyUs in a relatively close match. The last match of the group stage featured the favorite to win the tournament against last major's runner-up.

Liquid never got in the right direction and Astralis dominated for an east victory. The core three of Astralis kept its streak of appearing in the playoffs alive and Liquid was eliminated.

Natus Vincere and Virtus. Natus Vincere was paired with Astralis and Virtus. The first game of the playoffs in the Fox Theatre pitted Natus Vincere and Astralis against each other.

Natus Vincere Na'Vi was unequivocally the strongest team in the group stage, defeating each team by at least ten rounds, including the considered world's number three team SK Gaming.

The flawless group stage surprised many as Na'Vi was struggling a lot coming into the tournament, including some early group stage exits in other tournaments since winning ESL One New York Meanwhile, Astralis, who was considered to be the world's number one team coming into the major, struggled in the group stage, especially after GODSENT upset Astralis in the first round.

Astralis bounced back to win games against OpTic Gaming and G2 Esports, but then fell to SK Gaming in the fourth round, putting the team on the brink of elimination.

The first map on Astralis's map choice, Overpass, was a complete blowout by the Danish team. Astralis took a convincing halftime lead. While Na'Vi closed the gap to , Astralis took the last three rounds to take the first map.

Na'Vi's star players GuardiaN and s1mple struggled throughout the map, with only 11 and 10 kills, respectively.

The second map on Mirage, Na'Vi's map choice, was a much closer game. Na'Vi took a strong lead going into the 11th round. However, Astralis came back and won the last five rounds of the half to bring the game to a respectable score line of Eventually, the game was tied Astralis took a lead late into the game and was two rounds away from making the semifinals, but Na'Vi tied the score back at 14 a piece heading into the last two rounds of regulation.

In a crucial moment in round 29, Astralis had a man advantage with 25 seconds left in the round. Kjaerbye was planting the bomb with 5 seconds left, the approximate time needed to plant the bomb, but s1mple came in with 3 seconds left and killed Kjaerbye before the bomb could be planted, resulting in the time running out and a round to Na'Vi.

In round 30, Na'Vi had a man advantage and Astralis player Xyp9x had to clutch the round with the bomb planted to send the game into overtime. However, Na'Vi in game leader seized and Edward won the round before Xyp9x would kill either player, giving the round and map to Na'Vi.

After struggling on Overpass, GuardiaN and s1mple delivered for their team, with 26 and 27 kills, respectively. Both teams are considered to be very strong on Dust II, the final map of the series.

Na'Vi took a slim lead into halftime. While the first half was virtually even, the second half seemed to be all Astralis, as Na'Vi could only get two rounds in the second half.

Once again, dev1ce topped the scoreboard with 26 kills. Under Zeus's leadership, the Gambit roster unexpectedly made it out of the group stage, despite placing top eight at the previous major.

Fnatic, formerly the world's number one team, holds the most major titles with three and is one of two teams to win two majors in a row along to SK Gaming.

In the group stage, the team suffered a loss to G2 Esports but then bounced back to win the next three games to move on to the playoffs, including the deciding game on Cobblestone against Team EnVyUs, The first map of the series on Cache seemed good for Gambit at the very beginning after winning the first round, the pistol round.

However, Fnatic bounced right back and would take a lead before Gambit would take a third round. The score would be a Fnatic lead at halftime, a respectable scoreline for Gambit.

Gambit once again won the pistol round but then against lost the following round. Fnatic never looked back and would go on to win the map Despite AdreN having 22 kills for Gambit, his team could not pull off a win as Fnatic's twist would equal AdreN in kills.

Zeus and Dosia struggled as both had under ten kills. On Gambit's map, Overpass, Zeus and company would answer right back. Gambit would lead the charge behind HObbit's 20 kills and took a halftime score.

Gambit would easily win the next four rounds to take a convincing win going into the third map. KRiMZ lead the way for Fnatic with 15 kills but all but one Gambit player had more kills than him by the end of the map.

The third map appeared to be Fnatic's map, as the players took an lead before Gambit would even get its first round on the board.

However, Gambit would bite back and bring the score at the half back to a respectable deficit, despite being on the more favored side of the map in the first half.

However, Gambit struggled immensely in the second half, despite mou 20 kills in the game. Retrieved November 16, Retrieved December 4, Retrieved November 20, Los Angeles Times.

Time Warner. September 24, USA Today. May 27, June 24, July 6, Thanks minsikko" Tweet — via Twitter. February 23, Retrieved February 23, Retrieved January 28, Esports Insider.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. October 5, Retrieved October 5, Archived from the original on July 24, Retrieved July 22, Retrieved September 20, Retrieved October 27, Flash Gaming are likely to replace them.

Sprout 1 - 3 34 - 59 Cobblestone Inferno Mirage Cobblestone Flash Gaming 0 - 3 37 - 48 Inferno Inferno Inferno Renegades January 15, - EST.

Grand Final. Team Liquid Astralis 1 - 3 32 - 62 Cache Train Mirage Train North 0 - 3 36 - 48 Overpass Train Cobblestone FaZe Clan 2.

January 26, - EST. Natus Vincere 2. QB Fire 0. G2 Esports 0. Cloud9 2. SK Gaming 2. January 27, - EST. Fnatic 1. Natus Vincere 0.

SK Gaming 1. FaZe Clan 1. January 28, - EST. Captains recruit players from Major players and talent.

Muxor und Hostor kommentieren für euch das Major-Finale. Mit der Bekanntgabe des Majors wurden auch vier Minor-Turniere bekannt gegeben. Januar Ab Uhr - Runde 1 Samstag, Die Eleague ist eine professionelle Liga in der E-Sport-Disziplin Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, welche am Mai ihren Einstand feierte. Initiator der Eleague ist das Medienunternehmen Turner, welches die Spiele im Fernsehen und auf. Acht Teams konnten sich über Qualifikationsturniere für das Major qualifizieren. Mit der Bekanntgabe des Majors wurden auch vier Minor-Turniere bekannt. Die Eleague veranstaltete das zehnte Major-Turnier in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive vom bis zum Januar in Atlanta und ist mit der Durchführung. EGamersWorld☕ - ✋Alles über das Turnier ELEAGUE Major ➦ CS:GO Disziplin ➦ ⚡Preisfonds: $ ➦ Turnierdatum: - westkentwatch.com A helmet can also be bought; the helmet does not allow certain weapons Kalte Bengalos give a one shot, one kill Rogue Esports, like the M4A4. C9 looked excellent in the past few tournaments, especially in the New Challengers phase of the Major. All playoff games will be best of three and single elimination and the winner is decided after one team remains. Day 3 started with Fnatic and mousesports. FaZe Clan. Winners and losers of ELEAGUE Major tarik: "I'm normally a level-headed player, but I was losing it [at the end of Inferno]" tarik claims ELEAGUE Major MVP award Cloud9 beat FaZe to win ELEAGUE Major Boston. ELEAGUE Major is the third consecutive major with a prize pool of $1,, The playoffs had eight teams. Astralis, Fnatic, Gambit Gaming, Natus Vincere, SK Gaming, and westkentwatch.com were returning Legends. FaZe Clan and North were new Legends and FlipSid3 Tactics and Team Liquid were out after failing to make the top eight. ELEAGUE Super Punch, the weekly show devoted to celebrating gaming culture, will feature three high-profile guests – star streamer DrLupo, skateboarding icon Tony Hawk and comedian/actor Ron Funches – Friday, Sept. 11, at midnight ET/PT on TBS. The ELeague Major "New Legends" phase begins Jan. 19 in Atlanta, with nine new teams rising to the occasion from the "New Challenger" stage to take on the seven returning teams from the last major. The ELEAGUE Major: Boston is the 12th Valve sponsored Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Major Championship and the first of two in The tournament featured a $1,, USD prize pool as well as Valve's newly rebranded format and increase to 24 teams. SK Gaming. Mid match OpTic Gaming 9—16 Overpass. Those in gold indicates the tournament was a Major, meaning Casino.Com Bonuscode, the developers of the game, sponsored the tournament to host a CS:GO major. Natus Vincere 1. This page was last edited on Pommes Allumettes Juneat The final four Poker Texas Holdem Online Free from each qualifier are shown below; two from each move on to the main qualifying event. North 1. Gambit once again won the pistol round but then against lost the following round. Grand Final. Cloud9 Gutscasino Overpass. There will be four regional qualifiers and two from each qualifier will move on to the main qualifier. After a close first half, FaZe blew open the second half to get the victory. After mousesports took the lead at the half, the Swedish powerhouse completely stopped mousesports's offense and only allowed two rounds.
E League Major

E League Major auswГhlen. - Inhaltsverzeichnis

Alle Gruppensieger qualifizieren sich für Almdudler Original Playoffs, alle Gruppenzweiten und die besten zwei Gruppendritten spielen im Last-Chance-Qualifier um zwei weitere Plätze für die Playoffs.
E League Major
E League Major
E League Major


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